Adorable Easter Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Hop Over


If your kids are silly like mine, just calling it the “Bunny Booty Pancake” will assure this one is a hit. You can make it as simple or embellished as you’d like:

  • 1 bigger pancake
  • 1 smaller pancake
  • 2 even smaller pancakes
  • 2 ear-shaped pancakes (alternative: use sliced bananas, like the previous pancake)
  • Coconut shavings for the bunny booty
  • Dollops of chocolate and vanilla frosting for claws and feet pads (alternative: raisins for claws and tiny sliced bananas for pads)

For the fancy folks, add:

  • Pumpkin seeds for the grass/ground
  • Kiwi to top chocolate frosting flower stems
  • Sliced orange for the sun and tiny rind strips for the sun rays
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