If You Thought Being Pregnant Was Tough, Try Being This 900-Pound Pregnant Elephant Seal

Why did the pregnant elephant seal try to cross the road? We’re guessing because she had a craving for pickles and ice cream. Or maybe she was tired of all the strangers in the bay giving her parenting advice and touching her tummy.

Regardless, the determined mama-to-be stopped traffic on a major highway in Northern California when she left San Pablo Bay and tried to climb over the center divider in hopes of getting to the field on the other side. Marine Mammal Center staff have no idea why she had her sights set on the field, or even why she was in that bay to begin with. Blame it on Pregnancy Brain.


Staff tried to steer the seal back toward the bay and the open ocean beyond, using kayaks and noisemakers, but she stood her ground and slipped past them. Never underestimate the determination of a pregnant lady! Eventually, a Marine Mammal Center veterinarian was able to sedate her when she came on to dry land. She was then loaded onto a truck bound for Chimney Rock at Point Reyes. The 900-pound elephant seal was released in the dark in hopes of not disturbing the others on the protected beach.

And just in time: she gave birth to a new pup over the weekend.

Photos by Winter Wildlife Docent, Jim Rolka.

Awww. If nothing else, this will certainly make a fun story to tell the kid someday!

“When I was pregnant with you, you’ll never BELIEVE what I did when I had a french fry craving…”

Candy Kirby

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