10 Best Things About Being Pregnant in the Summer

See? This woman is so happy to be pregnant in the summer. And a cartoon character who doesn’t actually have to waddle around in 90-degree heat.

Pregnancy and summertime: they go as comfortably together as skinny jeans and Thanksgiving. Having been heavily pregnant in the summer, with both of my kids, I know firsthand just how unpleasant it can be to waddle around in 80- to 90-degree temps with a nearly 10-pound butterball attached to your middle. However, contrary to popular opinion, there are advantages to being pregnant in the warmer months. So, for all of you pregnant ladies bracing yourselves for a miserable summer, here is the silver lining:

The 10 Best Things About Being Pregnant in the Summer.

10. Flip-flops are swollen ankles’ best friend.

9. No need to shed “extra winter pounds” to fit into summer wardrobe.

8. Sunglasses hide dark circles under eyes from lack of sleep.

7. The lazy days of summer actually encourages afternoon naps. No guilt here.

6. People don’t mind when you call dibs on the coolest seat in the house.

5. When you eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can blame it on the heat.

4. It’s muumuu season, baby!

3. If you pee a little when you sneeze, no worries—thankfully you’ll be spending more time in the water, where no one will notice a thing.

2. Your belly is a built-in drink rest for that mocktail you’re enjoying by the pool.

1. Finally! You can wear a bathing suit without worrying about sucking in your gut.


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