10 Parenting Phrases That Used to Have Completely Different (Read: Dirtier) Meanings

Remember the pre-kids days when these phrases meant something completely different?  (Yeah, we don’t either.) Well, these things we find ourselves saying as parents used to have alternative connotations, to say the least…

#1 – I need to pump.

#2 – Oh, don’t lick THAT!

#3 – You want to ride me like a horsie?

#4 – Put that junk in the box.

#5 – Somebody’s asking for a spanking.

#6 – Just two more bites and you’re dismissed.

#7 – How many times do I have to tell you: SLOW DOWN.

#8 – Don’t understand why you’re making a fuss about it. Just blow!

#9 – Let me look in your pants and see if you’re wet.

#10 – I just want to nibble on that li’l chubster!


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