15 Gross School Lunches That Never Should Have Been Served to Children


#1 – “Turkey” and “carrots.”

#2 – Today’s lunch: mystery lump.

#3 – Looks more like a hamburger tarp.

#4 – Orange you glad you got the school lunch?

#5 – Mac ‘n’ …pee?

#6 – We don’t know what that is either.

#7 – You had us at “chunky fish sauce.”

#8 – We’re not gourmet chefs, but… pretty sure mashed potatoes are not supposed to come in one hardened lump.


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#9 – How is this supposed to feed ANYBODY?

#10 – When your chicken nuggets double as hockey pucks.

#11 – Your guess is as good as ours.

#12 – “Side of lies and apple sauce.”

#13 – What the what?

#14 – Even the mystery food looks confused.

#15 – Hmmmm.


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