The Surprising Health Benefits of Tequila

Why you could be celebrating National Tequila Day NOW

Happy National Tequila Day! To celebrate, let’s pour a shot (or two) into a margarita…

…and raise a glass to all of the surprising health benefits of tequila. Well, tequila made with 100 percent blue agave, like Patrón and Herradura, that is. In the U.S., regulations allow tequila to be made with as little as 51 percent agave supplemented with other sugar sources — which can lead to those nasty hangovers. But the good stuff…? Here are a few reasons why it’s so good.

It’s a Low-Calorie Alcohol
Compared to a 1-ounce shot of vodka, which has 96 calories, a shot of tequila is only 64 calories. Tequila is also made up of agavins, an indigestible sugar that moves through the body without being used for energy. The more complex molecular structure of agavins prevents them from spiking your blood sugar in response. These molecules have also been found to stimulate your metabolism, unlike most alcohol, which slows it way down.

It May Lower Cholesterol
A study from the American Chemical Society suggests that tequila could have the heart-healthy ability to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. So, yes, a little liquor could actually be good for your heart!

It Helps Digestion
In addition to adding probiotics, a post-meal shot of tequila may help stimulate digestion. Some studies have also found that a shot of tequila before the meal acts as an apéritif, stimulating metabolism and appetite.

It is Gluten-Free
If you can’t tolerate gluten — either due to an allergy or celiac disease — you can rest assured that tequila is entirely free of the (sometimes) inflammatory protein. That’s because it’s made from agave and not wheat, like some vodka.

Cheers to that.


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