Tips for Newborn Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful roles that anyone can take on. However, understanding the ins and outs of motherhood is a daunting responsibility. And now that we’re living in the middle of a pandemic, it can feel especially nerve-racking.

From worrying about a diaper shortage and not being able to invite loved ones over, to generally protecting your family’s health — caring for your newborn can be quite the challenge these days. Indeed, there is little is known about how the disease affects infants.

And so to help you navigate these trying times as a new mom, here are some key tips for caring for a newborn — and yourself — during the pandemic.

Opt for Online Appointments

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When it comes to newborn care, the first months are usually busy with trips to the pediatrician. But of course, taking a trip to the hospital nowadays is rather risky, as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the country. In this regard, it’s best to minimize going out and instead, schedule virtual appointments with your doctor to keep your family safe and healthy. Your baby’s doctor will still be able to examine your newborn and answer any of your concerns in a video call.

However, even if you shift to virtual visits, you’ll still need to schedule an in-person appointment for vaccines. While it can feel scary to step inside a clinic these days, delaying vaccines will make your baby more susceptible to falling ill. To err on the side of caution, you should consider talking with the pediatrician about their safety protocols to ensure your child’s overall protection — especially against COVID-19.

Get Some Fresh Air

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Going outside for some fresh air can do a world of good amidst all the uncertainty. But it’s important to remember that you should stay six feet away from others and follow other social distancing guidelines as much as possible to protect yourselves. Experts say that this can further lower the risk of exposure for your baby, especially if you put them in a covered stroller. This way, they won’t be touching any surfaces or interacting with anybody else.

You may be taking more walks than ever during this time, so be sure to have a stroller that ensures your baby’s utmost comfort. To this end, the range of pushchairs on iCandy highlights the importance of superior design and build to make your stroll outdoors all the more pleasant. Look for units that can handle different kinds of terrains like busy pavements and grassy surfaces for your walk in the park. Additionally, you should also keep an eye out for accessories like parasols and shopping baskets to shield your baby from the sun and let you carry all their other things worry-free. Overall, a stroll outdoors with the right equipment is a safe and healthy way to bond with your baby even in today’s trying times.

Foster Their Growth

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With most of your time spent at home, bringing up your baby probably feels a little challenging, as your resources are very limited. Although you can’t take them out on exciting trips or let them play with other babies just yet, there are many other ways to foster their development at home.

For instance, reading an interactive book such as Xavier Deneux’s ‘TouchThinkLearn: ABC’ is a wonderful way to boost their brainpower. Alternatively, you can try out “tummy time” — placing your baby on their stomach when they’re awake — as this encourages the improvement of their motor skills. Not to mention, focusing on their development is great for keeping yourself grounded (and distracted from the uncertainty of these strange times), too.


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