10 Best Things About Being Pregnant Over the Holidays

Okay, sure, so you probably can’t fit into last year’s sexy New Year’s Eve dress; however, there are PLENTY of perks to being pregnant over the holidays.  To wit:

10.  Your swollen feet love you for slipping on cozy holiday socks.  Ahhhh.

9.  It’s considered cool to have your belly shake “like a bowl full of jelly.”

8.  You now have a legitimate excuse for not drinking your Aunt Sally’s “famous” extra-thick, extra-spiked, extra-gross egg nog.

7.  So what if you indulge in an extra gingerbread cookie or two?  IT’S FOR THE BABY.

6.  Too tired to take a shower?  Just slap a Santa hat on your dirty hair.  Done!

5.  Lightened end-of-year work load at the office = More time for naps under desk.

4.  You can point to your belly and crack the joke, “Looks like I’ve been doing more than kissing Santa Claus!  Ha, haaaa!”

3.  Totally acceptable to blame case of bah-humbugs on pregnancy hormones.

2.  Your stomach makes the perfect resting place for your cranberry mocktails.

1.  You can circumvent long store lines by screaming, “HURRY!  MY WATER’S ABOUT TO BREAK!” (Or, you know by making your husband do the shopping.  You do have those swollen feet, after all!)


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