10 Best Things About Being Called “North West”

Easy to find cute accessories with her name already engraved on them.

There have been plenty of jokes made about the WTF?-ness (real word, we swear) of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby name choice, so we thought it would be nice to celebrate the good things about being named North West:

  1. She will always know where she is on a map.
  2. She is instinctively repulsed by One Direction.
  3. Even if her name fades from the tabloids, she’ll always be covered on The Weather Channel.
  4. Can raid all of the t-shirts, mugs and other cool merchandise left in storage by the now-defunct Northwest Airlines.
  5. Doesn’t have to worry about Grandma Kris being able to trademark her name.
  6. If she can’t find a necklace with her name on it, she can just wear a compass.
  7. Can have fun combining her first name with her cousin’s first name, which is a popular town name: North Mason.
  8. She is armed with a smart-alec response when a lost stranger innocently asks, “Which way is north?”
  9. Whenever she throws crazy toddler tantrums over crazy toddler things like the fact that her rice is touching her chicken, and her parents ask, “Why are you acting like this?” she has the perfect retort: “BECAUSE YOU NAMED ME NORTH WEST!”
  10. It’s not Pilot Inspektor.


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