10 Worst Phrases a Doctor Could Utter During a Vasectomy

Note to Medical Professionals: It’s important to be very sensitive to men’s anxieties and use delicate language when they’re undergoing the ol’ SNIP-SNIP, CHOP-CHOP. With that in mind, here are…

The 10 Worst Phrases a Doctor Could Utter During a Vasectomy:

#10 – “Nurse, looks like we’re going to need the pediatric instrument for this one.”

#9 – “Oops.”

#8 – “Anyone up for a game of kickballs?”

#7 – “Keep the baseball bat handy.”

#6 – “Don’t worry. I’ve done this procedure at least a hundred times before, and I’ve never had a single dog or cat complain.”

#5 – “Yikes. I didn’t think it was THAT cold in here!”

#4 – “All sewn up! Wait — where’s my gum?”

#3 – “This reminds me… remember when Raisinets were popular?”

#2 – “Let me just try something I learned in juggling class.”

#1 – “Oh well. Close enough.”


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