10 Ways My Spring Break as a Parent Reminds Me of Spring Break in College

My kids’ schools are on Spring Break this week — and it’s occurred to me that experiencing Spring Break as a parent is surprisingly similar to those I enjoyed as a college co-ed. Check it out…

  1. I’m surrounded by young people who scream incoherently.
  2. By the time I go to bed, my head is pounding.
  3. There are times I look down and realize I am covered in other people’s food, drink and bodily fluids.
  4. I’m spending too much money to keep us entertained.
  5. I don’t get a single good night’s sleep.
  6. I find myself telling a young lady: “Close your legs and stop showing everyone your underwear!”
  7. The contents of my purse have been known to mysteriously go missing.
  8. I’m keeping company with people who chug out of plastic cups.
  9. I am completely unproductive.
  10. It seems shirts are always getting wet.


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