4 Morning Routine Hacks for Busy Moms

When you are a busy mom (and what mom isn’t?), the morning routine can be one of the most stressful times of the day. From getting yourself out of bed on time to then making sure that your kids are all ready for the day ahead, it can be seriously chaotic. It is safe to say that most moms would like to simplify the morning routine and make it a more pleasant experience for the whole family.

When it comes to improving the morning routine, however, you may not know where to start. So, here are our top four routine hacks that will save you time, boost productivity, and help you start off your day in a more positive way.

Get Prepared the Night Before

mom prepares lunches
Preparing lunches the night before can minimize stress in the morning.

The key to a successful morning routine lies in the preparations made the night before. After a busy day at work you may feel like just crashing–but if you can make a few preparations for the following morning, then your future self will thank you for it. Things you can do the night before to ease the pressure include choosing outfits for the next day, ensuring backpacks are ready to go, and preparing lunch for you and your kids to take to school and work, so you can just grab them and go on your way out of the door in the morning.

Keep Breakfast Simple

Family having breakfast together
Opt for easier breakfast options such as cereal and granola bars.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it is important to remember that you and your kids can have a healthy and wholesome breakfast that is also quick and easy. Preparing and eating breakfast in the morning can considerably slow you down, especially if all the family members have a different breakfast order. Try to keep the choices limited by only offering a few types of cereal and having some fruit and yoghurt on-hand as a healthy alternative. While it can be tempting to make eggs and pancakes, for a busy mom there usually just isn’t enough time on the weekdays.

Many busy moms also opt for a cup of coffee in their morning routine to boost their energy levels for the day and fuel their routine. Even if you are on a budget, you can still enjoy high-quality coffee by  saving on gourmet coffee pods.

Give Yourself Some Extra Time

It is always a good idea to plan ahead and give yourself enough time for something to go wrong. Let’s face it–when it comes to getting your family ready in the morning, something usually does go awry. So whether that means getting up a few hours before your kids to get yourself ready for the day or by aiming to leave the house 30 minutes earlier than you need to, it’s worth dragging yourself out of bed to ensure you have time to address those early morning crises when they arise.

Have Reminders for Important Things

Mom has reminders on steering wheel of car
Setting reminders helps prevent you from dropping any balls.

It doesn’t matter how organized you are, as a busy mom, there are so many different things for you to remember that something has got to give. Consider leaving yourself reminders to prompt your memory in the morning. Whether that means setting a notification on your phone to remind you to take the meat out of the freezer for tonight’s meal or leaving a note on the front door to remind you to take your kid’s catcher’s gear with you, it can make all the difference to your stress levels.

The morning routine with your family doesn’t have to be as chaotic as it currently is, and by making these few changes to your schedule, you will be able to put your best foot forward and hopefully start the day off right.


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