Beyoncé Celebrates Pregnancy with Very Beyoncé-Like Instagram Slideshow

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Beyoncé continues to slay with her mama-to-be style.

The singer and all-around queen, who is pregnant with twins, posted new Instagram photos of her showcasing her baby bump in an off-the-shoulder indigo gown.

Some of the pictures were presented in a slideshow set to the The Isley Brothers’ 1972 song titled, appropriately enough, “Pop That Thang.” Jay Z also makes an appearance alongside Beyoncé in one black and white image, while their 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy hugs her mom –and twin siblings! — in another photo.

Purple and blue jeweled earrings, giant sapphire and diamond ring, a dainty sapphire necklace and black-and-gold, jeweled wedge heels accented the glamorous maternity look.

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Get it, girl.


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