Ryan Reynolds on Flying With Toddlers: “I Would Rather Drink a Piping Hot Bowl of Liquid Rabies”

Ryan Reynolds has always had a sentimental view of parenthood, once Tweeting, “On our 6am walk, my daughter asked where the moon goes each morning. I let her know it’s in heaven, visiting daddy’s freedom,” and he has a similarly optimistic outlook about flying with his two young daughters, two-year-old James and five-month old Ines.

The 40-year-old father told Good Morning America on Thursday that he avoids air travel with his kids because, he explained, you just can’t predict what they’ll do. Which is certainly true.

“At two years old, they just have to rip all their clothes off and introduce themselves to everyone on the plane,” Reynolds joked with the show’s hosts. If that wasn’t clear enough, he proclaimed, “I would rather drink a piping hot bowl of liquid rabies than get on a plane with my two children.”

(Right now, everyone in Hollywood is googling “Ryan Reynolds’ liquid rabies diet.”)

Those of us who have flown with our little ones (myself included) can empathize. In fact, Reynolds even had sympathy for parents on planes before he had kids. “I was always like, ‘God, that’s hard,” he said, having noticed that parents on planes were constantly “sweating and they’re nervous because their kids are yelling and everyone’s mad at them.”

Yes, that about sums it up.


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