The Family Lockdown Boogie

“For the family sanity, can’t you see what we must do?

There is no shortage of coronavirus-inspired music videos, but this one may just be our favorite. The editing! The catchy tune! I mean, if you’re going to be quarantined with family, this is definitely the kind of family you want to be stuck with.

Some highlights:

1) To mom: “Hey, hey, Jo?” “Yo?” “Do ya feel the groove?” Jo: “I feel the groove, yeah!” (in perfect funky town vocal inflection in perfect pitch with the perfectly matter-of-fact expressionless face). Brava, Jo.
2) Bathtub scene: “What a treat it is to be locked down with these three…”
3) The hoodie pop-up behind the couch with jigsaw puzzle fun in the foreground: classic.
4) Family lock-down freestyle/puttin’ on the moves.

Rock on, cool family! Rock on.


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