The Holderness Family Video: Target Run Play-by-Play

Will she veer from the short shopping list? Can she resist the monogrammed doormat?

Yet again, the Holderness Family captures the hilarity of everyday family issues — the time, with Penn narrating wife Kim’s shopping trip to Target. Will she veer from the short shopping list? Will she succumb to the little dog coat that matches the human one? (LOL … we already know the answer to those questions.)

About the Holderness Family

The Holderness Family creates original music, parodies, and vlogs for YouTube to poke fun of themselves and celebrate the absurdity in circumstances most families face in their day to day life. They published “Christmas Jammies” in December 2013 and life hasn’t been the same. Since then, their popular parodies, “All About That Baste”, “Baby Got Class,” and original music “Snow Day” have received national news coverage. 


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