These Husbands Posted About Their Pregnant Wives — and They’re Hilarious

Proof That You Can’t Win Against A Pregnant Woman

#1 – The art of subtlety is lost during pregnancy.

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#2 – Seems fair.

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#3 – When morning breath causes morning sickness.

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#4 – This lunch packed for you by… a wife with a case of Pregnancy Brain.

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#5 – The pillow, too? Lucky guy!

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#6 – Hey, at least she left some.

#7 – Welcome to pregnancy hormones.

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#8 – Truer words have never been Tweeted.

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#9 – Another mistake: Trying to garner sympathy when YOUR WIFE IS THE ONE WITH SORE BOOBS.

via @FrothyDad

#10 – Smart man, that Ryan.


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