Watch Chrissy Metz Sing ‘I’m Standing With You’ at the Oscars

The ‘This is Us’ star dedicated the song to her mom, who recently suffered a stroke.

Wow, we knew Chrissy Metz could sing from the few times she’s gotten to perform on This Is Us, but this is the first time she’s really gotten to show off her powerhouse pipes.

She took the stage at last night’s Academy Awards to sing an emotional performance of “I’m Standing With You” — her Oscar-nominated ballad from the movie Breakthrough. 

At the end of the song, Chrissy, 39, took the opportunity to honor her mother, Denise, who was rushed to the hospital after suffering a massive stroke last year.

“I love you, mom,” she said, getting choked up.

“The doctor said her prognosis was grim,” Metz shared with Christian publication Guideposts last March. “The stroke was on the left side of the brain. He said he was certain she would have paralysis on her right side and that her speech and swallowing would be severely compromised. ‘You don’t know my mom,’ I said.”

Ahead of her Oscars performance, Metz told People, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be singing a Diane Warren song at the Oscars. This is so epic!“

Interesting backstory: While speaking to E! News on the red carpet, Warren revealed that the This Is Us actress wasn’t her first choice to sing “I’m Standing With You” — until she heard her voice.

“I was blown away. I didn’t want her originally for the song, I wanted a more established artist, I didn’t realize she could sing,” Warren told E! “She went in my studio, I said, ‘Alright, I’ll come back in a few hours.’ And when I heard her on the song, [I was just] blown away. Just totally blown away. She was amazing.”

Prior to the awards show, Chrissy told E! News that she’s wasn’t nervous about singing in front of all of her peers — and the world.

“I’m really, actually, very excited. I think everyone else is more nervous for me than I am,” she said. “I know that I’m there to do a job. And like, I’m going to be present, I’m going to be prepared, and I’m just going to have a good time.”

Here’s Chrissy in her red-hot red carpet gown.

Toby would surely approve.


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