10 Best Things About Being Pregnant at Thanksgiving

Finally — you won’t be the only one gorging on food!

#10 –  Elastic-waistband maternity pants allow you to eat pumpkin pie in comfort. The ENTIRE pumpkin pie, that is.

#9 – The opportunity to show up to Thanksgiving dinner like this:

Photo Source

#8 – Or perhaps show support for your favorite football team in a creative fashion:

#7 – You have the perfect excuse to not host Thanksgiving dinner: “Sorry, can’t bend over to open the oven!  Darn.”

#6 – Finally — you won’t be the only one gorging on food!

#5 – It’s the perfect holiday joke to break out cheesy jokes such as, “This Thanksgiving, I’m carrying my OWN butterball!” (Ha, haaaa!)

pregnant woman lying down
“It’s the tryptophan, okay?” Photo credit: Dreamstime

#4 – When you feel the urge to take a nap, you can blame it on the tryptophan.

#3 – Your belly makes the perfect tray for carrying extra desserts. And buttered rolls. And bowls of mashed potatoes. And…

#2 – As the Pregnant Lady, you get first dibs on the bathroom.

#1 – You can give thanks that soon you’ll be able to dress your baby in amazing Thanksgiving get-ups:

Newborn baby in crocheted turkey hat
Look at this cute little turkey! Photo credit: Dreamstime

Yup!  That’s what it’s all about: crocheted baby turkey hats!


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