Potty Training: 10 Signs It May Not Be Going Well

Having struggled through the potty training process, myself, I thought I would share some wisdom I’ve gleaned along the way — mainly, 10 signs that potty training may not be going well.

1.  Toddler has broad definition of “potty.”

2.  Toddler unwisely insists, “I DO IT MYSELF!”

3.  You notice the potty has been turned into a toy storage compartment.

4.  There are slight logistical issues.

5.  Toddler tries to distract you from training process by using potty as accessories for song-and-dance number.

6.  Toddler avoids process by employing a potty trainee replacement.

7.  Toddler exhibits a certain pride in forgetting to tell you she has to go potty.

8.  A Number One takes days, sometimes weeks, to accomplish.

9.  Your child says, “Uh, Mom, seriously?  I’m only four months old.”

10.  Your toddler’s room looks like this.


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