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This Mom of 6 Created the World’s Most Efficient Laundry Room

I never thought I’d swoon over a laundry room — heck, ten years ago I barely even did laundry — but consider me in love…

Blogger Rhonda Batchelor wasn’t happy with her 7-by-6 ½-foot laundry room, so she hit the drawing board to come up with some truly creative ideas. Armed with a $400 budget and a long list of ideas, Rhonda not only managed to utilize every square inch of the room, but she actually made it look stylish in the process. We’re talking stacked baskets, a fold-out ironing board, drying drawers with a built-in mini-fan (yup!) and a faux marble counter top/folding table that’s removable when they need to service the machines — in short, the works.

Check out the virtual tour of her laundry room below.

Further explore Rhonda’s laundry room at Houzz and visit Rhonda’s blog, Batchelors Way, for even more ingenious decorating tricks.


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