10 Signs You Might Have Pregnancy Brain

The struggle is real.

Chilled and soggy Frosted Flakes, anybody?

10.  You just spent an hour searching for your favorite black tank top — only to realize you’re WEARING it.

9.  You are giving a presentation at work and load an image sideways. Instead of rotating the image, you ask the audience to cock their heads 90 degrees.

8.  You’ve wondered why your lip gloss looks so pale, and realized you used your tube of concealer.

7.  You’ve spent the better part of your night trying to use your car key remote to open the front door.  Your neighbor’s front door.

6.  Your kitchen tiles are constantly JUMPING UP AND TRIPPING YOU.

5.  You open your fridge, only to find you’d put the box of Frosted Flakes in there earlier that morning.

4.  Um, what is this column about again…?

Oh.  Right.  *AHEM*

3.  You picked up SOMEBODY ELSE’s kids from school.

2.  You drain a pot of boiling pasta in a colander that you set on the kitchen counter rather than in the sink.

1.  You put hand lotion on the toothbrush. On the bright side, your teeth have never been more supple!


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