Mick Jagger Leaving Dorky Dad Comments on His Teenage Son’s Instagram Posts is Everything

From Jumpin’ Jack Flash to Bein’ Dorky Dad

Proof that parenthood turns even legendary rockers into dorks…

Mick Jagger’s 19-year-old son, Lucas, with former Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez, has a popular Instagram account (no surprise there), where his famous dad leaves typical parental notes.

From this…

…to this:

via @lucasjagger on Instagram and @dpatrickrodgers on Twitter
via @lucasjagger Instagram and @dpatrickrodgers Twitter
via @lucasjagger Instagram and @dpatrickrodgers Twitter
via @lucasjagger Instagram and @dpatrickrodgers Twitter


Especially like the use of pine tree emojis. And, occasionally, Lucas returns the favor:

via @mickjagger on Instagram


The 74-year-old rocker also is taking his one-year-old son, Dev, on tour with him, so the boy’s ballet-dancer mom Melanie Hamrick can focus on her work.


A post shared by Melanie Hamrick (@melhamrick) on

A whole different kind of “Take Your Kid to Work Day!”


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