10 Times Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spoke for Moms

Buffy is all of us

Buffy the Vampire Slayer rocked for so many reasons. Its clever snark, for example. The way it balanced fighting evil with high school drama. Its innovative approach, with an unexpected musical and a nearly silent episode. And the butt-kicking by a strong female character, of course. But what I also appreciate about the show, now that I’m a mom, are the time Buffy seemed to speak and/or act on our behalf. Not convinced? Check it out…

#1 – When the kids tell you they’re “bored” while you’re standing behind a sink washing dishes.

#2 – The first time you witness a diaper blowout.

#3 – When you’re telling your husband about “that mom” (you know which mom):

#4 – When you spy an unexpectedly sweet moment between your kids.

#5 – When you’re delirious after endless sleepless nights with the baby.

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