Ellen Interviews World’s Most Adorable Astronomer: 5-Year-Old Xander

“My favorite thing to learn about is space because it never, ever ends,” he said.

Five-year-old Xander Rynerson discussed his favorite subject, astronomy, in truly impressive detail on yesterday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” inspiring the show’s host to name a star after him.

“I’m in over my head already. Why would I do a follow-up question,” Ellen quipped, as Xander passed her space quiz with flying colors (and a high dose of cuteness and enthusiasm).

After giving Xander a chance to showcase his prowess on all things having to do with the solar system, Ellen presented the precocious youngster with a certificate designating a star named in his honor.

The International Star Registry congratulated Xander on its Facebook page after the show, declaring that the star “will shine forever” as part of the constellation Pegasus.


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