10 Totally Embarrassing New Mom Moments

Way back when, I mentioned how I’d done a preschool drop-off with my fly open. I thought that was humiliating, but no…! You guys totally trumped my open fly with some mortifying mom moments of your own. Here are some that really made me laugh…

1.  “I did the school drop-off with a BOOGER on my face …note, it was NOT my booger!” — Stacey B.


2.  “After my first outing with Erik (to show the baby off at my office and also a trip to the library), I discovered I had poop on my shirt. And the last poop had been before I left the house. Good initiation into motherhood….” –Hannah W.

Image Source: Instagram user thisbusybody

3.  “I can top that, one day I went to two meetings and then realized my shirt was not only on backwards but also inside out.”  –Melanie H.

4. “I pumped gas after nursing my son…totally forgot to tuck my boob back into my shirt.”  –Bethany E.

5.  “Oh my, had to volunteer in my son’s class, and was doing laundry due to being completely out of undies. Realized when I got home I had been there with my fly down the whole time, while going commando. Oy, so embarrassing.” — Jennifer S.


6.  “I went out to dinner with my husband and his work colleagues and the waiter asked if he could get me a towel for my ‘spill.’   Turns out I lactated through my blouse and had two wet spots the size of dinner plates.”  –Erica T.

7.  “I tried squeezing into my pre-pregnancy jeans before I should have and the button popped off when I sat down with a friend!” –Ashley M.

8.  “When my son was little he peed in my hair as I was changing him in a public restroom so I had to walk through the mall with wet pee hair.”  –Ingrid E.

9.  “I’ve gone to church with spit-up all over my dress.  And I didn’t care.”  Courtney J.

10.  “After I had my last baby I had to go to a parent-teacher conference for my oldest daughter, and realized as I was walking into the classroom that I had two different shoes on.”  –Judi N.


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