10 Words and Phrases in the Social Media Lexicon That Need to Go Away in 2019

I’ll admit it: I spend way too much time on social media. It can be toxic, it can be a huge waste of time, it can lead to my nine-year-old daughter calling me a “social media nerd,” but it can also make me feel connected to the world during times of boredom or loneliness — plus, even more important, it helps me to procrastinate when I should be working, cleaning, or being productive in any way. And when I’m avoiding life by getting sucked down the rabbit hole that is Facebook, Twitter or whatever, I do not want to see any of these overused words cross my feed EVER AGAIN.

  1. “Claps back.” No! No Clapping! Back or front!

  2. “Shaming.” If somebody so much as gives a side-eye, it’s labeled “shaming.” The only thing that’s shameful is how misused the word “shameful” is.

  3. “Haters.” I’ve grown to hate that word. Guess that makes me a hater.

  4. “Goals.” My #Goals = #StopUsingThisWord

  5. “Squad.” I’d like to put this word in front of a firing squad.

  6. “Bae.” Barf.

  7. “Lit.” Should be lit on fire.

  8. “Obsessed.” Social media editors are OBSESSED with using “obsessed.”

  9. “…IS EVERYTHING.” No, no, the outfit that Kate Middleton wore to a holiday party is not EVERYTHING. (Ryan Gosling with a box of chocolates, on the other hand… everything.)

  10. “Woke.” Weak.


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