5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day During Pregnancy

Check out these totally serious tips.

Your energy might be flagging as you grow that baby in your belly, but thankfully, it doesn’t take much energy to help save the earth! Our experts impart some, um, “creative” tips for celebrating Earth Day while pregnant:

1. Conserve water by eating off your belly. Then no need to wash dishes!

2. Recycle glass jars into porta-potties! (Hey, you never know when the urge is gonna strike.)

3. Instead of driving to work, succumb to what you really want to do — staying home and sleeping. Think of all the greenhouse gas emissions you’ll save! When your boss asks why you’re not at the office, just let her know: “It’s for the environment.”

An environmentalist at work.

4. Buy a reusable water bottle that not only cuts down on plastic consumption, but reflects your feelings.

5. Compost what you eat every day!


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