Who Does Baby Archie Look Like: Meghan Markle or Prince Harry?

The internet chimes in.

It’s the first question that most people ask when a baby is born: WELL, WHO DOES HE LOOK LIKE?! Even though not all kids even resemble their parents, it’s something we oddly obsess over — and, of course, royal babies get this scrutiny to the nth degree. As we’re about to scrutinize now.

So now that Meghan and Harry have unveiled Baby Archie Harrison (or at least given us a peek through Harry’s protective arms), the internet is debating — does he look more like his mom or his dad? Let’s kick off the debate by checking out their baby pictures, shall we?

Baby Meghan Markle:


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Baby Prince Harry:

Baby Archie Harrison:

Regardless of whom he takes after, one thing is for certain: he’s very cute. Of course, we’re all dying to see if there’s any red hair lurking under that cap, but they’re going to keep us guessing for now.

According to the Duke and Duchess, Archie looks a little different every day. When a photographer asked, “Who does he take after, does he look like anyone?” Meghan answered, “We’re still trying to figure that one out.” Prince Harry added, “Everyone says that babies change so much over two weeks.” For now, all they can do is wait and watch their little one evolve — while we see what the internet has to say.

Oh, okay, there’s a theme here.

Is he indeed Meghan’s mini-me? Only time will tell.


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