8 Most Passive-Aggressive Comments from Parents at a Preschool Birthday Party

The sugar! The sugar!

#8 – “You’re serving juice boxes, too?  Heck, why don’t you just let the kids SNORT sugar?  Ha, haaaa!”

#7 – “It’s cute that they let us bring gifts.  We always ask for donations to charity instead, but whatever.  I guess you can’t spoil a child too much.”

#6 – “Oh, face painting!  Should be fun getting that paint out of their clothes.”

#5 – “I wonder if they’ll send thank you cards THIS year.  Just kidding!”

#4 – “Funny how they scheduled the party during naptime.  When the kids start going ballistic, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.  Ha, haaaa!”

#3 – “Being at this party here really makes me appreciate having a big backyard for entertaining!”

#2 – “Looks like the birthday girl dressed herself.  So unique!”

#1 – “Seriously, though. ALL THE SUGAR.  Our kids are NEVER going to go to sleep.  Ha, haaaa!”


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