We Asked, You Answered: Does Your Kid Have an Unusual “Lovey”?

So snuggly.

When our daughter was three years old, she developed a strange bedtime routine, wherein she refused to go to sleep without applying ChapStick — in her bed — multiple times.  I have even found her clutching the tube of lip balm to her chest while asleep, as visions of hydrated lips apparently danced in her head.

Hopeful that she wasn’t the only kid with a, um, quirky “lovey,” I asked those of you following us on Facebook if any of your children had a similarly curious attachment.   And boy, oh boy, did you ever deliver.  Here are ten of the funniest:

10. My son won’t go anywhere without a dry-erase marker and a spoon. –-Freya

9. My boy won’t sleep without his “smelly toy,” which is a finger puppet snail with string antennae that have to be tucked between his toes!! –Emma

8. My 4yo must have a “nest”…he arranges several blankets & pillows around himself.  There must be no openings or spaces between each blanket/pillow. –Kristi

7. My son used to sleep with a Donkey (from Shrek)-shaped hard plastic bubble bath container. –Claire

6. I absolutely HAVE to read “Mr. Brown can moo, can you?” before bedtime or my 18-month-old will have a tough time going to sleep. I don’t know why it’s his favorite book…but I hate that @#$% Mr. Brown now. –Kelsey

5. A paper towel tube that she decorated in Sunday School. And when she is stalling, “Just a couple more things, mommy!” resulting in her bed full of stuff. –Cory

4. I clip coupons so now my son loves them, and when they expire I give them to him and he sleeps in bed with them. –Jade

3. My best friend’s son has “taggies,” which is any stiff receipt…IKEA ones are the best. Long, stiff, he licks them, rolls them between his fingers, stuffs them in his ears, holds either side and falls asleep with his head propped up by them, licks and sticks them to his face…. –Jennifer

2. My daughter had burpees (an unused cloth diaper) that she had to sleep with until she was about 5.  She had an elaborate routine where she would use the corner of the cloth and gently trace it around her face and ears. How’s that for weird? –Teresa

1. For a while, my son would bring a pancake flipper everywhere – church, walks, etc. –Beth


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