9 Cutest Instagram Shots of Coco and Ice-T’s Newborn Daughter

But of COURSE Ice-T and Coco’s daughter, Chanel Nicole (Coco…Chanel… get it?), has her own Instagram account. Even her bio boasts, “IceT & Coco’s Baby girl!Just arrived! Born Nov 28th 5.7 pounds,18 inch’s long. I’m the youngest person on Twitter to start my page at 1 day old.”

Somewhere in a Hidden Hills mansion, Kim and Kanye’s fetus is shouting, “Get me on Twitter NOW! And Snapchat, while you’re at it!”

The photos posted on her account are, not surprisingly, totally adorable. Check out what “Chanel” has shared so far (we saved the best for last):

I got daddy's dimple….

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

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