9 Funniest Song Lyrics You (Or Your Kids) Have Misheard

We asked, you answered: Here are our picks for the nine funniest song lyrics you (or your kids) have misheard.

#9 — “My son, age 4, thinks that ‘all the single ladies’ is really ‘all the stingrays!’” – Rebecca S.

#8 — “My 4-year-old was practicing to sing in our church`s Christmas Cantata and he started singing ‘Silent Night’: ‘Sleep in heaven pee pee… sleep in heaven pee pee.’ Lol.” – Michael R.

#7 — “’I’m fly like a cheese stick’ instead of ‘G6.’” – Emilyanne C.

#6 — “I sang ‘THUNDER CHIEF’ instead of ‘Dirty Deeds’ for years. Had no clue. Hahahaha.” – Jennifer D.

#5 — “In the Maroon 5 song ‘Moves Like Jagger,’ my son (3 at the time) thought it was ‘I’ve got to mooove my jacket.’” – Ivy A.

#4 — “My 3-year-old son would sing ‘You can call my green bean!’ when singing along to Lorde’s ‘Royals.’” – Reisa H.

#3 — “Lady Gaga’s ‘Ogre Face.’” – Michelle J.

#2 — “In Macy Gray’s song she says, ‘My world crumbles when you’re not there,’ but because of her voice tone I thought she was saying, ‘I wore goggles when you’re not there.’” – Becci M.

#1 — “My son always sang, ‘Release Mommy duck’ instead of ‘Feliz Navidad’ at Christmas. Now the whole family always sings ‘Release Mommy duck’ every Christmas.” – Sue Ellen B.


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