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9 Ways the First Day of College is Like the First Day of Motherhood

ways-motherhood-is-like-first-day-of-college#9 – You have to share a distressingly small room with a stranger you just met.

#8 – You and your new roommate look at each other and think, “Now what?”

#7 – There may be many soiled undergarments involved.

#6 – You’re forced to wear identifying name tags of some sort.

#5 – You know it’s just a matter of time until somebody drinks until he throws up.

#4 – You can’t stop taking cell phone pictures.

#3 – Your parents are there because they’re excited and want to be helpful, but you secretly wish they would just give you some space.

#2 – The bed provided for you stinks in comparison to your bed at home.

#1 – You realize that all of the “orientation” in the world can’t prepare you for what you’re about to embark on.


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