Birthday Goals: Baby Celebrates Turning 1 With Taco Bell Photo Shoot

While my kids suffered through lame first birthdays with ordinary fare like cake and whatnot, this kid knew how to do it right: surrounded by tacos.

Julia Aiello

Yes, little Delta Rose from Missouri celebrated the big one with the two best accessories: a Locos Tacos Supreme and a sweet tutu.

And let’s taco ’bout that banner in the background: photographer Julia Aiello MADE IT OUT OF TACO SHELLS. Now that’s dedication. According to BuzzFeed, Aiello got the rest of the material for the photo shoot from Etsy. She said Delta’s mom had been saving up sauce packets from the chain and brought the Taco 12 Pack, two bags and some trays to get the session rolling.

Julia Aiello

The birthday tribute to Taco Bell extends beyond an appreciation for 7-layer burritos. When Delta’s mom was pregnant with her first daughter, she went into labor while in a Taco Bell drive-thru. “I’ll take a crunchy taco with a shot of epidural!” She and her husband also had their first “unofficial” date at Taco Bell. Love at first cheesy gordita.

No word on whether Delta Rose’s first words were Yo quiero Taco Bell.


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