The Day the Crayon Got Fired: Crayola is Retiring This Color

It’s always a sad day when a loyal, longtime worker gets forced into retirement, but alas: Crayola is retiring the yellowish dandelion crayon from its rainbow of colors.

The company had plans for a big announcement Friday about which crayon would be pulled from its classic box of 24, featuring an animated crayon named Dan D. going on adventures and enjoying his golden years.

Dandelion yellow in happier times

However, before Crayola could give dandelion the pink slip, an eagle-eyed Target shopper spotted the announcement on a crayon box in the wild and, of course, alerted the internet.

So Crayola had to make the announcement a day early, waxing nostalgic with this tribute video.

Crayola subsequently celebrated National Crayon Day Friday by announcing the company will replace dandelion with a crayon in “the blue family” in its 24-pack.

The crayon company will let fans choose the name.

Crayola has only retired one or more colors three times in their long history, and this marks the first time that they have swapped out a color in its box of 24.

Previous colors that were discontinued were maize, raw umber, and orange yellow. In other words, less job security when you’re in the yellow family.

Don’t go climbing that corporate ladder just yet, kid.

Farewell, Dandelion. Our sunflowers and splattered mustard won’t be the same without you.


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