Mom Accidentally Buys Inflatable Sheep Sex Toy for Son’s Nativity Play

Like most parents, Helen Cox thought she was being a good mom when she ordered a a shepherd’s costume, which happened to come with an inflatable sheep, for her five-year-old son’s nativity play — until he was inexplicably sent home from school. Confused, Cox blew the doll up and realized it had big red lips, long eyelashes, and a huge hole at the end.

“I have no idea if they’ve seen it was a sex toy and that’s why they sent it home—I’m mortified,” the mom from Scotland told the Daily Mail of her interaction with her son’s school (which should have just ignored the sheep, rather than sending the child home, if you ask me… not that anyone did).

Cox was at a loss when it came to explaining to her son what had happened, and why they couldn’t use the sheep — so she framed their Elf on the Shelf for the “mysterious” disappearance of the sheep.

If you’re, um, curious, the sheep can be purchased separately on Amazon labeled as the “Inflatable Bonkin’ Sheep” — although one reviewer warns it’s “too small for actual use.” Oh my.


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