Take Five: Kellogg Snacks Recall and Search Continues for Toddler Grabbed by Alligator

It can be hard to keep up with our kids’ names, let alone the latest news. So we’ve gleaned the top five stories that may be of particular interest to moms:

alligator toddler

#1 – TRAGEDY: After 15 hours of searching a man-made lake at a Disney World resort hotel for a two-year-old boy snatched off the beach by an alligator, officials says the horrific ordeal was “not survivable” and are now looking to recover the body of the toddler. Just so, so awful. [USA Today]

#2 – ALLERGY: Kellogg has recalled a variety of cookies and brownies because of fears of peanut-residue contamination, which could affect those with severe allergies, with no warning on the label. [List of recalled products here]

#3 – BREASTFEEDING CONTROVERSY DU JOUR: Watch these Target employees and shoppers leap to the defense of a mom who’s verbally abused by a man for breastfeeding her infant in a mostly empty cafeteria. Just look away, dude. Just look away. [People]

#4 – A MOTHER’S LOVE: The heartbreaking story of the mother who survived cancer TWICE–only to be killed protecting her son from a hail of bullets in the Orlando shooting. [Daily Mail]

#5 – BECAUSE YOU NEED SOME GOOD NEWS: A study claims drinking wine before bed can help you lose weight. Who are we to argue with science? [Marie Claire]


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