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Brooke Burke Shows How to Tighten Your Core with Just Five Moves in Five Minutes

It’s no secret that we moms are low on both time and energy, which is why mom-of-four and fitness app founder Brooke Burke is sharing this quick-yet-effective routine with what she calls “five moves that people probably aren’t doing to shrink your waistline.”

The 47-year-old, who has an impressive six-pack herself, demonstrates the abs moves you can do anywhere — without any equipment. “I’m all about that,” says the former Dancing with the Stars host. “No excuses, you can do it anywhere. You just have to make that commitment.”

Burke also finds other ways to stay fit with her four children

The first exercise in the sequence is simple and sans crunches. With your feet in Warrior 2 yoga pose position, you raise your right arm overhead as you contract your oblique muscles and bend to the left, then raise your left arm as you bend to the right. (Got it?)

Like all of Burke’s moves, this one is designed to work two body parts simultaneously— in this case, the obliques, which she notes will help slim your middle, and the legs. “We’re all super busy, especially during this holiday season so I like compound moves — moves that incorporate different body parts,” she said, “which means we get more results, we work out less time and then the body’s banging.”

The ultimate goal, however, is “about deepening your self-care, especially when you’re stressed out, especially during times like this, the holidays, when it’s about everybody else,” she says. “So doing a little something for yourself, you’re going to have less stress, you’re going to have more energy, you’re going to be in a better mood, you’re going to look better, you’re going to feel better.”


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