Mom Runs 3:11 Marathon While Pushing 185 Pounds in Triple Stroller — But Is Slowed Down by Something All-Too-Relatable

The moms out there can probably guess what got in the way.

While I pat myself on the back for my biggest accomplishment of the day — managing to get the kids out the door to camp with (most of) their clothes on — one Montana mom managed to do that with her three young kids AND THEN proceed to push them in a triple stroller while completing the 2019 Missoula full marathon.

Not. Too. Shabby.

Yes, not only did 35-year-old Cynthia Arnold double up her 2018 distance from half to full marathon (both while pushing a stroller), but she also crushed the previously held record to earn the unofficial Guinness World Record title for the fastest marathon runner pushing a triple-person stroller — trimming the old record of 4 hours, 6 minutes down to an impressive 3 hours, 11 minutes.

Not surprisingly, the biggest challenge for the former high school track and cross country runner wasn’t completing a full marathon while pushing a carriage that added 185 pounds (in the form of kids ages 6 years old, 4 years old and 21 months, plus the stroller) to her load. Nope, the biggest challenge was, of course…

Yep. SNACKS. In this video clip, the runner can be seen handing out popsicles to her kids at the 14-mile point while shouting out directions on how to open them.

So bad-ass. Yet so relatable.

Another concern for the marathon mom was keeping the kids occupied for the entire race. “They’re usually in the stroller more like an hour to an hour and twenty,” Arnold told Montana Sports. “So it was a little over twice as long, so that was going to be a big challenge.” Digging into her arsenal of mom tricks, Arnold solicited 6-year-old daughter Marguerite to entertain her siblings by reading to them and playing one of their favorite games: I Spy.

Arnold assures us, however, that she is indeed human. “The kids are a year heavier, and I was feeling that,” she admits. “The stroller felt heavier this year.”

After running with her children for the past two years, Arnold says she plans to leave the kids at home in 2020 and run the race by herself—hopefully, with the kids cheering for her at the finish line.

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