20 Tweets That All Baseball Moms Will Appreciate

From crazy tan lines to the endless travel, these Baseball Moms cover it all.

#1 – When you have to censor yourself.

#2 – When it’s mom vs. nature.

#3 – When the laundry kicks your butt.

#4 – When it’s about a whole different set of balls.

#5 – When you get those tan lines.

#6 – When you realize how much more you care about your kids than yourself.

#7 – Like, really care.

#8 – When you have to find ways to pass the time between games.

#9 – When you have to get creative with your “dinner.”

#10 – When even your car is worried about the miles you’re logging.

#11 – When your accessories reflect the #BaseballMomLife.

#12 – Your mani/pedis, too.

#13 – When your schedule goes out the window.

#14 – When your patience is tested.

#15 – When things stink. Literally. Stink.

#16 – When injuries strike.

#17 – When you can’t help but show your pride.

#18 – When you’re up at the crack of dawn.

#19 – When you have a squad.

#20 – When there’s nowhere you’d rather be.


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