The 9 Weirdest Purses You’ll See Today

From cheese to LEGOs, these have got creativity in the bag.

#9 – The Boob Purse

Hey, stop staring at my purse.  My eyes are UP HERE.

#8 – The Spiked Clutch

The PTA gang won’t dare hit you up for 10 dozen brownies again when you’re armed with this weapon, er… bag.

#7 – The Gargantuan Chanel Purse

Finally!  A bag big enough to bring everything in the house INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

#6 – The Clearly Real Fur Bag

Roadkill chic.

#5 – “The Fish Purse”

Who needs a wallet and lipstick when you’ve got a GOLDFISH?

#4 – The LEGO Handbag

If you have to keep picking them up from the floor, you might as well put them to good use for YOURSELF.

#3 – The Bloody Purse


What your bag may look like after fighting the Black Friday crowds.

#2 – The Louis Vuitton(ish) Chihuahua Bag

This designer’s career is going to the dogs.

#1 – The Cheese Purse

My two favorite things in the world: accessories + cheese.  Now just hand me shoes made out of crackers, and I’ll know I’ve died and gone to heaven.


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