Logic Problems for Parents: So a Camel Is Eating Your Child’s Head…

Give yourself extra credit if you manage to get through all these logic problems without anyone shouting, “MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”

#1 – A camel is eating your child’s head. Do you:

A: Save your child.

B: Take a picture.

#2 – Your kids “help” you paint the living room. Do you:

A: Cry.

B. Take a picture.

C: B, then A.

#3 – Your kid is stuck in the toilet. Do you:

A. Help him out.

B. Take a picture.

C. Try flushing because he’s in the terrible twos.

#4 – Your kid is hanging from a kitchen drawer. Do you:

A. Get her down.

B. Take a picture.

C. Take advantage of having her contained and enjoy a bubble bath.

#5 – The kids have dumped all of your maxi pads and tampons, and are playing with them. Do you:

A. Ask them to stop.

B. Take a picture.

C. Sit down and enjoy the finger puppet show.


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