Toddler Answers Dad’s Pressing Questions in Hilarious Interview

Toddlers often make even less sense than Ozzy Osbourne on helium.  Why won’t they eat a broken cracker? Why can’t they use a spoon properly, yet can use an iPad?

That’s why dad La Guardia Cross decided to make some sense of this baffling phase by interviewing his adorable and sassy 14-month-old daughter, Amalah.

In this latest installment of his “New Father Chronicles” Youtube series, Cross asks his daughter such probing questions as, “Why do you still refuse to sleep through the night?” and “Why don’t you financially contribute to the family?”

“Interview With A Toddler”attempts to glean real insights from Cross’ funny interpretations of her toddler babbling and limited vocabulary.

Amalah will surely exact her revenge at night by waking up at least EVERY HOUR, just to hang out. That’s how toddlers roll.


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