8 Thoughts I Had While Looking at This Pregnancy Diagram

This explains the size of my thighs when pregnant.

This… interesting … diagram of a woman thirty weeks pregnant was spotted by folks on Twitter and, boy oh boy, do I ever have some thoughts on this.

#1 — Although I’ve done this birthing thing a couple of times, I clearly blanked out on some key details.

#2 — That baby is so overdone, he’s gonna head straight to pre-school when he gets out of there.

#3 — I had no idea that 20-ft-long alien arms were a side effect of pregnancy.

#4 — I’m also concerned about the number of fingers she has.

#5 — She may want to see a doctor about her hollow legs.

#6 — If we truly carry the bottom half of a toddler in our legs during pregnancy, that would explain why my thighs got so fat.

#7 — That kid looks like he’s watching the latest episode of “Mare of Easttown” in there.

#8 — “Ladys.”



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