Holiday Hilarity: Check Out These Awkward Family Christmas Photos

From inexplicably naked dads to disembodied cat heads, these 10 awkward Christmas pictures provide one of the best gifts of all: laughter.

Source: Awkward Family Photos

Awww. Baby’s first Christmas card! On the back, she signed it, “SAVE ME.”

Source: Awkward Family Photos

Merry Cashmas!

Christmas may have robbed Dad of his clothes, but not his spirit.

Needs more disembodied cat heads.

Source: Awkward Family Photos

As if “he sees you when you’re sleeping… he knows when you’re awake…” weren’t creepy enough.


This is what happens when Daddy catches Mommy kissing Santa Claus.

Source: Awkward Family Photos

That’s one way to tell the twins apart.

Hey, don’t judge. It’s love that makes a family.

Hopefully, this is a hot tub time machine that can go back in time and make sure this never really happened.

Only the dog seems to know this is wrong, all wrong.


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