Emma and Ben from ‘Friends’ Are Actual Grown-Ups Now

Well, this seriously makes us feel old.

If the phrase, “PI-VOT!” makes you laugh, then you likely were a fan of the ’90s sitcom Friends. (and if not, we’d love to know the story behind your “PI-VOT!” situation) — and know that Ross “PI-VOT!” Geller was the dad of two kids: Ben…

… with his ex-wife, Carol, both of whom went MIA after the seventh season. Some superfans have theorized that’s because Carol sued Ross for full custody after his behavior grew increasingly erratic. The rest of us figure his disappearance was due to a case of “No Longer a Convenient Storyline”-itis. Regardless, check this out –Ross and Carol’s son is now old enough to have graduated college and be in the actual adult world of work. Yep, Cole Sprouse is now 25 years old.

Gah! How did that happen? And, as it turns out, Ross would be TOTALLY proud of his real-life son, because Cole majored in archaeology at New York University. Not the same as paleontology, maybe, but pretty damn close.

Here he is with his twin brother, Dylan, who occasionally played the role of Ben as well, and with whom he acted in the TV show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Also an NYU grad, Dylan recently opened up a brewery in Brooklyn.

Ross: more of a margarita drinker.

As for Ross’s daughter with Rachel, Emma…


Yep, that’s identical twin sisters Noelle and Cali Sheldon, who shared the role of Emma as a toddler. Turned out to be pretty decent casting, right?

16 YEARS OLD! *Sigh* I could really use a laugh right now…

Never fails.


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