Jennifer Garner Shares What’s in Her Bag on Instagram — and It’s Hilarious

SO many heart stickers

If you’re not following Jennifer Garner on Instagram, you are seriously missing out on some entertaining gems, such as the actress reading children’s books to her dog and having an emotional breakdown about the beauty of Hamilton while high on drugs from the dentist. Her latest video: a hilarious take on the “what’s in your bag” game often played on entertainment shows.

Things get off to a tame start with a date book, then continue with some heart stickers (“of course,” nod all the moms watching), followed by… yet another set of heart stickers. In fact, there are quite a few batches of heart stickers.

There’s also a notebook, index cards and an impressive selection of pens. “People say, ‘are you color coding? Are you really organized?’ No, I am not,” she deadpans.

Some more, um, unexpected items are thrown in there, as well. A honey dipper, for example, and an amethyst.

“Why though? I don’t know,” she says, laughing.

The last thing that emerges is possibly the oddest — a battery-operated nightlight shaped like a light switch, which everyone needs in their purse.

On the bright side, if there’s ever a heart sticker emergency, she is totally prepared!


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