Big news in the royal world: It has been decided that Prince George will attend Thomas’s Battersea, a private primary school just a few miles away from the family residence in Kensington Palace.

The first rule of the school is to “be kind.” Also, students are discouraged from having best friends because it could leave other children feeling ostracized and hurt.

The cost to attend this school with “strong academic results” and a “high-achieving, competitive side”…? £6,110, or about $7620.39, a term. Not surprisingly, students typically head to top public schools such as Bryanston, Marlborough and Bradfield. The school is also known for its sporting prowess and drama productions.

Baby George shows off HIS sporting prowess

George’s parents, William and Kate, said in a statement: “Their Royal Highnesses are delighted to have found a school where they are confident George will have a happy and successful start to his education.”

Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, attends nursery at the Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, where Princess Charlotte will likely attend this fall.

Yes, indeed.