These Are The Must-Have Toys for Kids at the Beach

It’s been a long year, for sure, inspiring many families to plan a tropical escape. Whether you and your family are headed to the beach for a holiday get-away, or are dreaming of a post-pandemic beach vacation, it’s fun to think about what you should bring–especially toys to entertain the kids on the sandy shores. We happen to live close to the beach here in Los Angeles (very lucky, indeed) and have lugged all kinds of toys for our 9- and 11-year-old down to the ocean over the years. Here are the ones that never fail to entertain them, regardless of age.

#1 – The classic bucket and shovel

Sure, our bucket and the shovel have gotten bigger as the kids have grown, but the appeal of them has endured. Our kids don’t always agree on what to do (and by “don’t always,” I mean rarely), but the ol’ bucket-and-shovel combo invariably unites them and actually encourages — GASP! — teamwork. They never seem to tire of digging holes and building all kinds of sandy masterpieces, such as benches and castles, together.

#2 – Boogie board

When I asked my daughter for her favorite toy to bring to the beach, she immediately exclaimed, “A BOOGIE BOARD!” While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend boogie-boarding for toddlers, it’s sure to be a hit with the over-five crowd. Even when the water temperatures plunge into polar-bear territory, our kids will throw on wetsuits and brave the cold to enjoy the thrill of riding the waves on their boogie boards for hours. And, needless to say, it’s much easier than riding a surfboard.

#3 – Beach ball

Another beach toy that’s a classic for a reason: it’s easy, cheap and fun. Whether you play Monkey in the Middle or volleyball, a plastic beach ball is sure to entertain the kids for a long while — and, perhaps best of all, tire them out so everybody can get a good rest that night.

Need more ideas for entertaining little ones at the beach? Check out these fun picks from other moms.



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